State Convention

The dates for state convention are March 6-9, 2014 at the same location as last year.

We are waiting for convention bulletin to come out then you can sign up for competitions.

We will running Molly French for Secretary, competing in Group Talent and Skit as a club.


Group Talent:

– Mrs. Traci and I are making plans and getting things ready for practices which will begin at the end of football season.

– Props are going to be different this year (as usual).  We have a lot of good things planned this year.



– Molly had a great thing going with her skit ideas and Mrs. Traci is running with it.  I’m not putting any specifics on here because anyone can read it.  It will be fun.




Scholarship opportunity for Senior Betas

For the 2013-2014 school year, ALL Senior Beta Members (registered with National Headquarters by June 30, 2013) are eligible to apply for a National Beta Scholarship; thus, the two members per club nomination limit no longer applies!

Go to  You will need your Beta membership identification number.  It is located on the Beta bulletin board in the Senior hallway.

Contact Mr. Pickard if you have problems.


Updated By-laws

The Malden High School Beta Club has updated and approved our 2013-2014 by-laws.  All Beta’s are required to return a signature page stating your understanding and acknowledgment of the new rules.  The new by-laws provide more explanation to procedures and tougher discipline and academic expectations among other changes.

Malden BETA By-laws 2013_2014